"Boomers Way is Making Senior Life More Enjoyable!"

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"Making Senior Life More Enjoyable!"

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Dial-a-Daughter Concierge

Boomers Way, Llc partners with experienced providers to form an inter-disciplinary team in your community, guiding seniors throughout the whole continuum of care!



Boomers Way offers a complete new platform in Senior Living!  Presenting a Complimentary 365 day activity calendar showcasing events in the areas of Creativity, Food, Health & Wellness, Cognition and Stronger Voice / Greater Purpose!  



At Boomers Way we choose carefully the products and services that we believe will make seniors and their families happier! 

We have carefully chosen items that will allow you to live more independently, or with a higher quality of life.  We try to be fun, educational and we really go out of the box to bring you  quality choices with relevant information!

Enjoy our "7 Days with Gramma Mouse"

An Alzheimer's Activity Guide

About Us


Mary A. Patton

  Master Gerontologist

Mary is the creator of Boomers Way, Llc & the Dial-a-Daughter Concierge. She is a trained Gerontologist with her Masters Degree from the University of Southern California and has been advocating for Seniors for 30 years!.  

As a Senior Executive, Mary has held leadership positions at some of the most respected senior residence communities and social service agencies in the country. 

Mary's ability to listen, connect, enrich and empower the lives of seniors is her passion!






Now is the time to have fun with a purpose driven life, utilizing the knowledge & time we have towards sustainable efforts!"

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Boomers Way is dedicated to providing information that will provide choices, knowledge and guide you to 

"Make Senior Life More Enjoyable!"

"Making Senior Life More Enjoyable!"

Always do Your "Own" Research

Boomers Way, Llc is Navigating through Senior Choices with our Dial-a-Daughter Concierge and is "Making Senior Life More Enjoyable!" with the Lifestyle Program Daily Activity Calendar. We have developed an extensive network of support to  guide you in making the best long term decisions!  

At Boomers Way it is our goal to empower seniors and give ideas that will provide a purpose filled life!  By offering Seniors choices for quality services, programs and products, Boomers Way hopes to promote wellness and independence while having fun!

The most important factor is the pursuit of knowledge.  At Boomers Way, we are constantly searching for information to learn about various topics.  We are always wanting to explore, create and share these discoveries to engage with others.

Please note that all information gathered is based on research, trends or folklore.  Many times information shared is purposefully geared to create emotion & discussion.  We have listed sites that we feel have compiled information that will benefit you directly and we wish to share in what they have to offer.  Always do your homework, confirm information, check your sources, and discuss findings with others.   At Boomers Way, we expose you to topics that we have encountered and wish to share for opinion, and is intended for entertainment purposes only!  Always consult your professionals before trying anything, and know your individual body and trust in what you believe is good for your safety.

At Boomers Way, Llc, we encourage your feedback.  We want others to benefit from your research as well, and we wish to only offer quality and helpful services and products.  

With this platform we hope to expose you to real life, offer you companionship, give permission to be silly, talk without judgement or inhibition, discuss how to fix all of the world issues, learn how to love each other better, become gardeners, look at wild and out of the box videos and share our thoughts and just try to bring some happiness into life everyday!

We Love You, Wish you Strength & Hope We are Friends for a Long Time!

Come Share Your Thoughts with Others and lets bring back "The Village!"

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